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The Poujoulat Group has undertaken an active approach to environmental preservation. As part of the company’s environmental responsibility, 3 issues have been identified: reducing the environmental impact of waste, improving energy performance, and reducing the carbon footprint. To date, five production sites, including the head office, have obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Our commitment

Reduce the waste-related environmental impact

Our environment department is ramping up its waste management missions and actions: QSE department (Quality Safety Environment) present on 5 manufacturing sites, operational managers, trainers for delivering training.

The new overall waste management contract includes a communication plan for employees for sorting waste, hand-in-hand with local reinsertion firms… In order to reduce waste, Poujoulat SA set up 2 working groups in 2018 to reduce raw material scrap.


of waste recycled in 2019/2020 by the Group’s 14 sites

Our commitment

Improve energy performance

Poujoulat Group has invested heavily to reduce energy consumption: variable-speed compressors (Poujoulat SA 2014), variable-speed drives for the paint lines processes (Poujoulat 2016), gas furnaces replaced by condensation models (Westaflex 2017), etc. A multi-year replacement plan for all LED-technology lighting was initiated for all worksites in 2019, along with energy-saving awareness for all employees.

8.2 kWh/h worked

for FY 2019/2020

Our commitment

Reduce the carbon footprint

Poujoulat Group is a key player in developing renewable energies: full-carbon-accounting for the Niort site (Scope 3) performed on a yearly basis, innovative facilities privileging renewable energy sources (Biomass heating plant for the Niort site, wood drying at BOIS FACTORY in Indre in France, wood-fired heating plant at the Beirens facility, etc.), 2 working groups set up at Poujoulat SA to reduce the amount of production material scrap to reduce, in turn, indirect greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

16.3 g Equivalent CO2/kWh

emitted in 2019/2020

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Download the entire project

The “Positive Relationships” project lists and details the actions and commitments taken by the whole of the Poujoulat Group on three major social, environmental and societal challenges.

The information presented in this publication, the projects carried out and the roadmap are the subject of a reasoned opinion by an independent third party.


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