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The working and development conditions of the 1,900 employees of the Poujoulat Group constitute a strong social issue. We are committed to maintaining rewarding relationships with the men and women we work with. Our ambition is therefore to always improve health and safety at work, to develop well-being at work, skills and know-how throughout the career of all our employees.

Our commitment 

Improving safety at work and developing well-being at work

In order to reduce the number of work-related accidents, we have created a safety department whose missions are to: disseminate prevention culture, analyse risks and action plans, analyse and monitor work-related accidents, participate in safety training along with HR, make protective equipment available, carry out technology watch, etc.

This ergonomist, hired by Poujoulat SA, created risk mapping covering all sectors of the Niort site, to target priority actions for re-organizing work stations. Also, since June 2019, an osteopath comes on-site once a month, as such, providing easier access to healthcare and helping reduce pain (whether professional activity-related or not).

We provide safety training sessions for all our businesses to enable staff to develop their skills, through in-house developed programmes which are tailored to the requirements and specificities of the various sites: electrical accreditations, workplace safety wardens and rescuers, safety awareness, first aiders, rope rescue training, etc. 

We therefore pay close attention to our employees health and safety, and help improve their working conditions. Tomorrow, feedback and enriching bestpractices, hand-in-hand with safety departments, will enable us to improve the approach even more.



1st in house training school

9 trainers (4 women and 5 men)

Our commitment 

Developing skills and know-how

Emphasis was placed on certification and/or diploma training, in line with the major developments of the Group’s missions and its future needs: training in safety prevention, people management, sales techniques and customer relationship management, languages, and business-specific techniques. 

Since the start of 2020, 52 employees have benefitted from 1,367 hours of training within this framework.

The aim of the production training school is to maintain skills in the workplace given the employee turnover backdrop due to the age pyramid. This process, launched in 2018, pursues its goals and is taking solid shape. 9 inhouse trainers have been supported by the CCI.

Victorine joined the Poujoulat Group as part of her work-study Master’s degree. The rest, she tells it:


Hours of training have been delivered throughout Poujoulat Group in 2020

Our commitment

Fighting discrimination and promoting diversity

In Poujoulat Group, we are convinced that diversity is a key factor for social cohesion and a catalyst for economic performance with our customers.

In 2020, and within its scope, Poujoulat Group will monitor actions for tackling discrimination and for promoting diversity, as well as information related to collective agreements.

0.20 %

Pay gap weighted average for women

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Download the entire project

The “Positive Relationships” project lists and details the actions and commitments taken by the whole of the Poujoulat Group on three major social, environmental and societal challenges.

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