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Every day, the Poujoulat Group cultivates responsible relationships with suppliers and consumers. The aim is to strengthen confidence in the brand and to better support partners and users through 3 societal challenges: responsible purchasing, taking the consumer into account by all the group’s players, as well as the development of values with sports sponsorship, cultural and humanitarian patronage.

Our commitment

Develop responsible procurement, including wood provisioning

Implementing responsible procurement expresses our determination to extend the responsible approach to the provisioning chain. Privileging local resources prior to transformation is a key driver for rolling out a sustainable development approach. Our average provisioning radius shows that our products are “made in France” and come from local forests, as such, reducing truck transportation distances as much as possible.

126 km

The weight average radius for forest product provisioning in 2020

Our commitment

Develop the consumer-centric approach

Although Poujoulat Group focuses mainly on professional customers, we have also chosen to develop an integrated support department which places the consumer at the heart of the business: accompanying private individuals who wish to obtain useful information and sound advice to optimize their heating installation; discussing their wishes and needs so as to build a sustainable relationship and “consume better”.

In addition to the consumer service, we have also implemented: a mail customer service contact, online chat, a store locator, satisfaction surveys and indicators for installers and consumers, a Talk with Poujoulat / Woodstock Bois Facebook page, etc.

4,165 requests

for initiating contact with an installer (i.e. an increase of 19%) over 2019/2020

Our commitment

Boost Group’s values: sponsoring, cultural and humanitarian patronage

Poujoulat Group supports a host of sports, cultural and humanitarian projects. Every year, it invests 0.12% of Group revenue in these actions. 

The Poujoulat Group provides financial support to the “Plantons pour l’Avenir” replanting fund since its creation. This organization supports projects that meet the needs of forest owners.


With only half the annual 90 Million cubic metres of growth being consumed by industry, the forrested area in France continues to grow and since 1830 has doubled in size to reach 17 million hectares. Nevertheless, to regenerate and rejuvenate the forest, a process of replanting is necessary.

In Niort (France), the partnership between Cheminées Poujoulat and the Niort Rugby Club takes different forms. The support of Benjamin’s dual sporting and professional project is an illustration of this:

95,000 trees planted and 13 300 tonnes of CO2 saved

… since 2015, according to “Plant for the future” thanks to the financial support of the Poujoulat Group

Discover the two other pillars of the “Positive Relationships” project

The social pillar

Trusting relationships with women and men

The environmental pillar

Sustainable relationships with our regions


Download the entire project

The “Positive Relationships” project lists and details the actions and commitments taken by the whole of the Poujoulat Group on three major social, environmental and societal challenges.

The information presented in this publication, the projects carried out and the roadmap are the subject of a reasoned opinion by an independent third party.


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