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Creation in 2003 / In the Poujoulat Group since 2003 



Poujoulat Polska manufactures and markets single wall chimney flues for the Eastern European markets.
Based 20 km north of Warsaw, Poujoulat Polska is also the logistics base of the Poujoulat Group for the countries of the East.



POUJOULAT Sp. z o.o.
ul. Olszankowa 45
05-120 Legionowo – POLAND


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Today, our mission is to ensure the highest level of Customer service by delivering innovative solutions, producing high-quality products, providing professional assistance, ensuring staff availability, and responding dynamically to individual Customer needs. “

Managing Director

Piotr Janczarek
Poujoulat Polska
in short

CA Poujoulat Polska€8,7 M
2022/23 turnover

Effectif Poujoulat Polska65

Superficie site Poujoulat Polska45 000 m²

Superficie bâtiment Poujoulat Polska6 800 m²
of building

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