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Creation in 1950 / In the Poujoulat Group since 1950


Based in Niort on the historic site of the Poujoulat Group head office, Poujoulat France designs, manufactures and markets the products of the leading brand in Europe for smoke evacuation systems for individual, collective, tertiary and industry.

In addition to chimney flues and metallic chimney stacks, Poujoulat France innovates by offering many services to support its professional and individual customers throughout their projects.


POUJOULAT SA, head office
CS 500016
79270 Saint-Symphorien – FRANCE 

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“Our motivation is the customer satisfaction. We meet his expectations by listening, the quality of our products and innovation. Continuous improvement involves mobilized teams, in constant progress thanks to support and improvement of means and working conditions.”

Factory manager

Poujoulat France
in short

CA Poujoulat France€160.2 M
2022/23 turnover

Effectif Poujoulat France750

Fabrication française Poujoulat France+90 %
french manufactured

Gender equality index88 / 100
gender equality index*

Our products

*Period: from 4/2022 to 3/2023

1 – Salary variance: Indicator: 1.1 % | Result: 38/40
2 – Individual pay rise variance: Indicator: 3,6 % | Result: 20/20
3 – Job promotion variance: Indicator: 2.7 % | Result: 15/15
4 – % of employees increased return from maternity leave: Indicator: 100 % | Result: 15/15
5 – Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest salaries: Indicator: 0 | Result: 0/10

Total calculated indicator: 88/100

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